I am a writer who takes creative risks in form (literary and experimental) and political risks in content (sexuality, racial hatred, child-loving and the maternal). I have published five books. My most recent monograph Blue Mythologies (Reaktion, 2013, Turkish and Chinese translations, 2015) ‘coaxes us into having a less complacent attitude…even when it comes to something as apparently innocuous as a color’ (Los Angeles Review of Books). My Reading Boyishly was named by Turner-Prize winner Grayson Perry in The Guardian as his 2008 as 'Book of the Year.' My sixth monograph, Aurelia: Art and Literature Through the Eyes and Mouth of the Fairy Tale is forthcoming (June 2017). My poetry, fiction and essays have appeared in Flash Magazine, PN Review, Short Fiction and Cabinet Magazine.Frieze Masters celebrated the 500 anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia with my reflective essay: ‘The Closed Cosmogony of Utopia’ (2016).

She is a kissing cousin of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Susan Stewart, in her attention to touch and affect, in her sensitivity to her own emotions and sense perceptions in her apprehension of art. So, for an art historian in particular, her work is singular, unusually labile, sensuous, associative, and almost disturbingly intense
                                                                  —Emma Wilson, Critical Quarterly